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Sherlock Holmes 3 Sherlock Holmes 3

Part III of The Curse of Anan-Thotep. Search the location to find items listed on the left. Click on those items when you find them in the scene. If you get stuck, select the pipe for a hint. For a closer look, select the magnifying glass icon in the lower left.

Average: 3.9 (14 votes)
Soul Core Soul Core

Soul Core - A futuristic point and click adventure. The sequal to the Core escape games, this new adventure brings the whole story together, revealing the truth behind the core project, and that it is up to you to save the planet!

Average: 4.1 (9 votes)
Dreams Dreams

Dreams - A soothing spot the difference game. Each play will result in a difference experience with new differences being shown.

Average: 5 (6 votes)
Life Ark 3 Life Ark 3

Life Ark 3 - After making a daring escape from your dying planet, you go in search of a new world to colonise. After eons of travel, your inter-stellar craft crash lands on a deserted moon. This cannot be your new home and you face serious obstacles in this whacked out universe.

Average: 3.6 (5 votes)