Math Man - Free Pacman Online Math Game

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This free Pacman online math game combines classic Pacman with brain-bending math equations. In Math Man, you have to solve a math problem before you can gobble up each ghost!

Math Man not only strengthens your math ability, it also forces you to concentrate intently so you can solve the math problems faster. That's because the ghosts continue to chase you while you're trying to calculate the answer.

The object of Math Man is to clear each level of ghosts. The ghosts, of course, are trying to catch you at the same time.


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Math Man Instructions

HOW TO PLAY.  Use your keyboard arrow keys to move Math Man through the maze. The levels start easy, with only two or three slow-moving ghosts. But as you clear levels, the game gets faster and the math gets harder.

Each of the ghosts chasing you has a number. The large Question Mark ("?") cookies in the maze hide equations that equals the number on one of the ghosts. Eat a "?" cookie to display an equation at the bottom of the screen.

To gobble up the ghosts, you must first solve the displayed math equation. The answer to the equation tells you which ghost your Pacman can eat first.

For example, suppose the math problem shown at the bottom of the screen is "33 / 11", (which you figure out equals 3). That means you can eat the ghost that has a "3" on his belly.


After you eat the first ghost, eat another "?" cookie to see the another equation. The answer to that problem identifies the next ghost that you can eat.

You also get points for eating the small cookies (dots). So a good strategy on each level is to eat all the ghosts except one. With only a single ghost chasing you, go through the rest of the maze and eat the remaining small cookies. Then go ahead eat the last ghost.

This free Pacman online math game is a lot of fun, plus it really does give your brain a good workout. You'll discover rather quickly where the holes in your knowledge of math facts are. With regular practice, this game can help you more rapidly solve math problems in daily life.

Math Man - Free Pacman Online Math Game