Flappy Bird Flash

Play the game that came to fame in 2014 because of its simplicity and addictiveness. Be warn the game is crazy addictive. Use the mouse or keyboard to control this stupid game that we love.

Find the Candy Winter

Use your mouse to point and click around the room. Figure out how to move items and manipulate each room to find the candy!

Rocky Rider 2

Use your arrow keys to control the cars balance. Z to jump, hold back in the air to do a back flip. Collect as many coins as you can, and replay each level to earn the BONUS.

Boxhead Biever and baby

GAME CONTROLS - Boxhead Biever and baby

Player 1: WASD Keys

Player 1: Click

Player 1: Mouse

Cycle Between Weapons:
Player 1: Mous wheel up/down

Fruit Ninja Kapow

Fruit Ninja Kapow is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every single slash! Fruit Ninja features three action-packed gameplay modes - Classic, Zen and the amazing Arcade mode. Your success will also please the wise ninja Sensei, who will accompany your journey with words of wisdom and fun fruit facts. The bonus Dojo section includes unlockable blades, backgrounds, power-ups and more. Our travelling merchant Gutsu and his porky pal Truffles will ensure you always get the best deal possible

Free Bejeweled Game

This free Bejeweled game is a colorful brain game that improves concentration and logical reasoning ability. The object of Bejeweled is to move individual jewels to form "three-in-a-rows".

When you make a three-in-a-row, those three jewels disappear and the columns and rows of the game fill in with new jewels from above.

3D Logic Puzzle - Free Brain Game

3D Logic trains logical thinking and visualization. Link pairs of like-colored markers to complete the cube. Control the action using your mouse.

Spiderman Web of Words

This Spiderman flash game trains your verbal fluency and mental processing speed. Spell words and climb buildings to help Spiderman keep the city safe from Doc Ock!

Trolley Dash - Shopping List Memory Game

This shopping list memory game is ideal for practicing the memory techniques used to recall lists. First memorize the grocery list. Then quickly find the items in the store without looking at the list!

Math Man - Free Pacman Online Math Game

This free Pacman online math game combines classic Pacman with brain-bending math equations. In Math Man, you have to solve a math problem before you can gobble up each ghost!